Mac Blot matte powder review

Hi Everyone!

Here’s my new product the Mac Blot matte powder. 😛

I have mixed skin, my most oily part of my face is the t-zone and the rest is dry skin.  I needed something that would help with my oily parts of my face without making it too dry. So i decided to search for a compressed matte powder. I’ve had a bare minerals matte loose powder. I didn’t like it in the end since it dried too much my skin and too much of powder was staying on my face. My face looked so textured instead of smooth.

I’ve tried the Urban Decay De-slick mattifying powder. It was quite dry (very compressed). It would probably mean that it would be hard to pick up the powder from the puff or even maybe from a brush. I’ve also tried the Tarte Smooth Operator pressed powder. The texture was so soft but it was not compressed enough, therefore too much of powder would come out. It might also leave creases near the eyes and it would create smile lines which i definitely would not want. I don’t wanna look old ahahah. I was stuck with these two choices. I didn’t know which one to choose. I’ve read reviews from both and they both had good reviews.

Then my makeup whore friend (i’m not disrespecting her, she totally knows it ahah. She knows much more about makeup than me and what are the good stuff, so i trust her :-P) suggested me the mac blot matte compressed powder. It costs less then the UD and Tarte one. 32$ is an okay price and for Mac. I’ve used it twice so far and i’m satisfied with it. It holds my makeup, leave my skin dry and my face feels light like as if i didn’t have any makeup on my face. Easy to bring to anywhere and the puff is a decent quality to use. My face looks smooth as if i had no powder on my face. I’m really happy that i found this product 🙂

How about you girls or guys? How did you find this mac blot matte product?


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