Free gift set from L’Occitane review

Hello Beauties ūüėõ

How have you all been? I’m good, I’ve been pretty busy lately. Now that i’m more free, i can talk about my free¬†gift set from L’Occitane that i got without any prior purchase. It came with a 20% Shea butter hand cream, a divine cream and a cleansing¬†oil. The value of this gift set was 20$. A pretty good gift. I already used my hand cream which works very well. It’s oily and a bit sticky and has a thick texture. It takes a while for it to absorb well. It’s a good cream for dry hands, although you have to rub it very well in the corners and cracks of the hand¬†due to its texture.

L'Occitane de Provence gift set

It’s not my favourite cream by choice, my etude house collagen Oh Happy Day cream works even better. The texture is more fluid and leaves my hands moisturized without a greasy feeling. It takes me less time to apply it all over my hands.



The cleansing oil did it’s job very well by removing my makeup. The cleansing oil has a dry feel, so it’s not¬†sticky on the skin. It also has a light lavender fragrance.

The Divine Cream has a very strong aroma, smells kinda like ground cherries(physalis) which is lovely but a bit overwhelming. The cream is smooth yet a bit mushy and is light yellow. It gives¬†a funny texture on the skin. While rubbing it with my fingers after a while,¬†i felt like i was rubbing a thin layer of wet flour on my face. The cream felt grainy and small rounded pieces of cream was stuck onto my face and fingers(which could mean that the cream was getting off my face, therefore it’s not getting absorbed into the skin. My face was slick before the application of the cream, after my face was rather texturized. I was definitely not pleased with the result and the texture itself. I applied it at night, the next day my face was not really better and was a bit dry.

Overall, this free gift set was pretty good except for the Divine Cream. At least i’ve tried it, and now i know that i won’t be¬†purchasing it at it’s full size and regular price. For the hand cream, I can find something as equally as good and cheaper. ¬†Same thing goes for the cleansing oil.

That’s it for my little review ūüôā Thanks for reading and have a nice day ūüėõ

Have you tried these products before? What did you think of them?



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