Urban Decay shadowbox palette review

It’s my second urban decay palette. Yeee. I’m now quite a big fan a urban decay products. I’ve bought the original eye primer, the spray to fix my makeup, mascara and eye liners. I got the shadow box in sale for 25$ at the Vente de l’Oreal. When i bought it, I was very happy to see that it was a small kit that i can carry at work to use and it is quite light compared to my spectrum palette which is pretty big, heavy and hard to hold.

The first color that I’ve tried was the Freelove and i wasn’t so pleased with the pigmentation. Then i’ve tried more colours and i was still disappointed. The colors definitely lack of opacity. The colors are very pale once i apply it. I have to apply several times so that the colors looks close to the one’s on the palette. The colors that are closest to the palette’s colors are Indo and moonshadow. The blackout is nice; a simple mat black… Flash is not bad. The textures of the colours are semi-smooth. I’m using the 239 mac brush and it picks up very well the colours and i blend the colours with 217 mac brush. They are very good brushes so the problem is definitely not my brushes but the lack of pigmentation. I’ve also applied original ud eye primer (which is a very good eye primer i believe much better than the face one) before applying the eye shadow.

On another, I’ve tried it the Freelove eye shadow colour again (which is my favourite colour of the palette for now i think) the pigmentation was better and i didn’t have to apply it a couple of times, just 1 was fine. In summary, the shadow box palette is not so bad. Maybe more suitable for work attire since the colours are not too saturated; a little less punchy. Though I’m glad that i got it in sale.

Pigmentation: 7

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